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If you're a fan of Millbury's genius inventor, Thomas
Blanchard, then you're sure to approve of Carolyn C. Cooper,
PhD. book,
Shaping Invention: Thomas Blanchard's
Machinery and Patent Management in 19th-Century America.

Thomas Blanchard was born on June 24th 1788, in Sutton
(soon to be Millbury) Massachusetts. His first invention was
a tack-making machine which he invented at age eighteen
and perfected over the next six years. This made production
of tacks, which Thomas and his brother had been previously
engaged in making, easier and more efficient at a rate of five-
hundred per minute.

Soon he was working for Asa Waters, a major contractor in
Millbury, producing flintlock muskets supplementing those
made at Springfield Armory. At Asa Water’s armory,
Blanchard created his first replicating machine, a lathe for
uniformly cutting the exterior surface of musket barrels.
Using a cam to control the cutter, the final three inches of
the breech was automatically formed partly flat-sided as in
hand-made barrels.

At the Two-Hundred Birthday Party thrown for the Town of
Millbury on Saturday June 15, there was a Ranger
Presentation of the Blanchard Lathe from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
at the Asa Waters' Mansion.

Here it is on Youtube:
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From Ball's Bluff to
Gettysburg... and Beyond:
The Civil War Letters of West
Millbury resident Private
Roland E. Bowen, 15th
Massachusetts Infantry
1861-1864 (Hardcover)
Historical print of Millbury
Sixteen scenes from
Millbury's past surrounding
a larger view of the Millbury
Common c. 1900
18" x 13". Suitable for
framing. $20
Cat's Meow: Grass Hill School
Collector's Item of Millbury's
original one-room schoolhouse
Cat's Meow: Olde Town Hall
Collector's item of Millbury's
original Town Hall $18
Postcards of Millbury
A variety of eight views
of the Town of Millbury
$1.00 each
Roland Bowen's book:
From Ball's Bluff to
The Millbury Historical Society proudly offers these
quality items reflecting the history of the Town of Millbury.
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The 2012 White House Christmas
honors President William
Howard Taft who introduced the
automobile to White House
transportation in 1909, breaking a
long presidential tradition of
reliance on horse-drawn vehicles.

Cost: $22    
Canvas Tote Bag $12
T-Shirt $15
Coffee Mug $10
Carolyn Cooper's
book about Millbury's
genius inventor
Thomas Blanchard,
his life in Millbury,
and his encounters
with patent law.

Cost: $20

Millbury Redware is created by Bullard House Pottery in Sutton by local artist Rachel A. Tufts.

All pieces are unique because they are hand-made and are inscribed with the date of Millbury’s
inception: 1813.

The following distinctive samples are offered for purchase exclusively through the Millbury Historical

Mugs $20.
Plates $25.
Crocks $30.
Jugs $35.

Please feel free to contact Janet Kenary Dumas at 508-865-3478 if you are interested in purchasing
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