May in Millbury's History
May 1900: The Town Seal

On page 326 of the town records for the year 1900
appears for the first time the Town Seal.
The committee chosen at a former meeting reported
as follows:
”Having considered the matter referred to them, the
committee caused to be engraved a seal, the device
of which has for a central figure a mill, to represent
industries from which the town received its name,
Millbury, and two crossed muskets, a product of the
town, used in three of our country’s wars.
By virtue of the authority reposed in us under the
aforesaid vote, the seal, an impression of which is
hereupon affixed, is made and established the Town
Seal of Millbury.”

The third annual Grace M. Laflash/Millbury Historical Society
scholarship was recently presented to Ashley Giorgio, an
eighth-grade student at Assumption School in Millbury.

The scholarship was established in honor of Grace M.
Laflash, a charter member of the Historical Society and a
former teacher at Assumption.  It is awarded annually to the
top history student at the school.

Ashley is the daughter of Paul & Diana Giorgio of Millbury,
and she will be attending Marianapolis Preparatory School in
the fall.
The late Grace Laflash
A Tribute to Cheryl

The Millbury Historical Society
mourns the passing of our longtime
Recording Secretary,
Sarnblad Piasta

Cheryl was always efficient,
hardworking and, most of all,
cheerful in her many efforts for the

Memorial contributions, as per
Cheryl's request, may be made to:

The Millbury Historical Society
P.O. Box 367,
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