Donald McCaskill, Jr.
Died August 28, 1918, age 18, Arras campaign, Battle of the Scarpe,
Northeastern France.

Donald McCaskill, Jr. was born in Scotland in 1900, son of Donald
and Margaret C. McCaskill. His father emigrated to the U.S. in 1901,
and his mother followed a year later, along with Donald and his
sister Agnes. Agnes later married a Russell and began the business
known to Millbury-ites as Russell’s Florist Shop on Canal Street.

On October 3, 1917, McCaskill traveled to Boston and enlisted in the
MacLean Kilties, a unit of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, which
recruited soldiers in both Canada and the New England states,
appealing to a shared sense of Scottish identity and pride. The
Kilties even recruited before a Boston Red Sox/Detroit Tigers game
that perhaps Donald attended! The Kilties formed part of the 7th
Infantry Brigade, 3rd Canadian Division.

In early August 1918, Allied forces launched the “Hundred Days
Offensive.” The 3rd Canadian Division was heavily involved, including
at the Battle of the Scarpe, August 26-28, during which they seized a
key part of the German defense system at Fresnes-Rouvroy.

McCaskill was killed in action on the first day of that battle. He is
buried in Millbury’s Central Cemetery, along with his mother, who
died just months later of influenza, on December 27, 1918.