Warren T. Harris

Died October 8, 1918, age 24, of influenza, at Fort Slocum, New York.

Born March 10, 1894, Warren Timothy Harris was a son of Charles
Henry and Mary Jane (Callahan) Harris. He graduated from Millbury
High School in 1913, and in 1917 from the Massachusetts Agricultural
College (now the University of Massachusetts at Amherst). He was
employed by his father in the family’s ice and lumber business along
West Main Street.

After being drafted, Harris left Millbury on Monday, September 30,
1918, and that evening reached Fort Slocum, located on Davids’
Island, off New Rochelle, New York. In the crowded barracks of Fort
Slocum, the deadly Spanish influenza was spreading rapidly, en route
to claiming tens of millions of lives worldwide.

Within three days after his arrival at Fort Slocum, Harris was
dangerously ill. His father visited the hospital, and returned to Millbury
on Tuesday, October 8, with the “good news that his son was on the
gain and was expected to recover,” as reported by the Worcester
Telegram. That same day, however, Harris passed away. A sister,
and a brother, Dr. Walter C. Harris, house surgeon at Boston City
Hospital, were with him when he died.