May Birthday

Charles Bowler Atwood

Charles Bowler Atwood was the son of Millbury town
dignitary David Atwood and the step-uncle of Millbury
Olympian Lawrence Atwood Whitney.
Although Charles was born in Charlestown,
Massachusetts on May 18, 1849, he was raised in Millbury
in the huge house on Miles Street behind the present-day
Turgeon Funeral Home.
Charles was a renowned American architect having
studied in Worcester, Boston, and Harvard University.
Charles designed winning plans for cities and wealthy
patrons throughout the country, but his magnum opus
was the Columbian Exposition of Chicago in 1891.
He was summoned to Paris to assist in the plans for the
Paris Exposition, but could not complete this task as he
died in Chicago on December 19, 1895. His remains were
brought back to Millbury where they were interred in
Central Cemetery.