In Color AGAIN!

Susan Holman Waters and Asa Waters II. The Millbury Historical Society is proud to have facilitated the crafting and
installation of these gorgeous John Blunt paintings At the unveiling! Jerilyn Stead explains the many twists and turns
to this story!
Many thanks, also, to photographer Edd Cote for his valuable aid in bringing this dream to fruition.
For Millbury and the United States, World War I lasted from 6 April 1917 until 11 November 1918-
approximately nineteen months.

Two-hundred and nineteen Millbury men served during this time, and seven paid the ultimate price.

President Frank Gagliardi began the World War I program at 1:00. He explained how
The Massachusetts World War I Centennial Commission contacted many organizations and
historical societies across the state over a year ago and encouraged them to mark this Centennial
Anniversary in some manner.

Millbury Historical Society took up the invitation and became one of the first towns,
if not the first in the state of Massachusetts, to commemorate its part in the “war to end wars.”

Indeed, State Senator Mike Moore was in attendance and presented The Millbury Historical Society
with a Certificate of Recognition for this accomplishment.

Next, Frank thanked journalist and Millbury-resident Chris Sinacola whose knowledge
of World War I and in-depth research contributed immensely to the presentation. In the future, Chris
intends to aid the Society in putting all this data into book form.

Society Board member Deb Pousland crafted a fabulous Americana rag table-runner for a door prize
and, just like old times, Board member-emeritus Dick Belisle passed out
the tickets. Dick Croteau was the lucky winner!

Next the Millbury Veterans provided a splendid patriotic ceremony of an honor guard and  firing squad
with John Rice’s playing “Taps.” All the veterans in attendance went out on the portico and saluted.

The featured speaker was Dan Leclerc, military expert and member of the
Massachusetts World War I Centennial Commission. Dan regaled the crowd with anecdotes gleaned
from his many trips overseas to the battlefields of France and Belgium.  

Next, President Gagliardi gave an account of the history of the World War I tablet that sits at the base
of the driveway to the Town Hall. What an amazing town Millbury is as the citizens acted so quickly to
recognize the young men returning, or not returning,
from war!

Two months after the war’s end, a committee was formed, and a mere nine months later on October
12th and 13th of 1919, Millbury held a “Welcome Home” Celebration
where a huge parade took place with floats and bands. Sermons, speeches and festivities abounded,
and the commemorative tablet, with all two-hundred and nineteen names engraved upon it, was
dedicated on the Common.

Next, Board member Jerilyn Stead detailed the history of the memorial flag found in the First
Congregational Church with stars representing those church members who served or died.

Four of the seven young men from Millbury who expired in World War I died from disease, and three
died in battle. These statistics were representative of all American boys’ experiences throughout the

Frank, Jeri and Sharon Anderson then went on to give thumbnail sketches of each of these seven.
Click on each name for a full account.

One was
Warren Harris of the Harris family on West Main Street by Singletary; another was Charles F.
Minney for whom the VFW was named. A third was Charles Demers, a weaver in the Millbury Mills
from Elm Street, and the fourth was
William Higginson.
Harris, Minney and Demers died from the influenza pandemic, and William Higginson, originally from
Belfast, Ireland, joined the British Army and was brought down by
cholera in India.

Three died in battle:
George Devoe, nicknamed “Jumbo” perhaps because of his diminutive stature,
died south of the Aisne River;
Donald McCaskill,
an eighteen year old native Scotsman died with the McClean Kilties out of Canada, and
Blanchard a carpenter from Colton’s Farm perished during the Aisne-Marne offensive. Blanchard’s
body was never found.

Afterwards, The Mansion was a swarm of activity! Refreshments of doughnuts for the Doughboys and
cider were in order as World War I period music wafted throughout.

The Society’s museum with its display of World War I memorabilia drew an appreciative audience.

In addition, John Popham, one of Millbury's veterans had set up his extensive collection of World War I
weapons and letters and photos. This lent a sobering air of military
reality for all to see.

The Millbury Historical Society wishes to thank the following groups for joining them in this endeavor
and making it a success:

  The Millbury Veterans’ Council
  Charles F. Minney VFW Post
  Devoe-Taylor American Legion Post
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The Second Annual Grace M. Laflash/Millbury Historical Society
was recently awarded to Rolando “Rocky” Perea, a
student at Assumption School in Millbury.

The scholarship was established in honor of Grace M. Laflash, a
charter member of the Historical Society and a former teacher at
Assumption.  It is awarded annually to the top history student at the

Rocky is the son of Rollie and Leslie Perea of Millbury, and he will be
attending St. John’s High School in the fall.
Sunday, 5 November 2017:
Millbury in World War I
Charles F. Minney
George "Jumbo" Devoe
Maureen Army & Jeff
A Tribute to Cheryl

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Cheryl was always efficient,
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The third annual Grace M. Laflash/Millbury Historical Society
scholarship was recently presented to Ashley Giorgio, an
eighth-grade student at Assumption School in Millbury.

The scholarship was established in honor of Grace M.
Laflash, a charter member of the Historical Society and a
former teacher at Assumption.  It is awarded annually to the
top history student at the school.

Ashley is the daughter of Paul & Diana Giorgio of Millbury,
and she will be attending Marianapolis Preparatory School in
the fall.
The late Grace Laflash

The Annual Meeting of The Millbury Historical Society
was held
at the
Asa Waters' Mansion on Thursday, June 7th at 7:00.
A full-capacity crowd came to learn about The Great Molasses
Flood of Boston in March of 1919.

The very interesting and talented speaker Dr. Ron Mayville is the
head of the Structural Mechanics Group at
Simpson Gumpertz &
in Waltham, MA.  With a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,

Dr. Mayville has been interested in the molasses tank failure
since graduate school, and recently conducted research into the
causes of the failure using modern engineering techniques.  He
shared some of his research and photos at this meeting.
Refreshments, including molasses cookies and lemonade, were
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